Resources for Rowers and Parents

B-CC Crew Informational Slideshow (PDF)

Participation Agreement & Code of Conduct

Consent, Waiver of LIability, and Use of Images

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

Swim Test Form 

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation


Medical Information Card 

Code of Conduct: Transmissible Pathogen Spread Policy


MCPS Post-COVID Clearance Form

What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself and others

Share facts about COVID-19

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

B-CC Crew Safety Guide

Safety is the Number One concern of everyone associated with B-CC Crew, and everyone associated with B-CC Crew plays a role in ensuring the safe conduct of our rowing program. The B-CC Crew Safety Guide is meant to provide a general framework for coaches and athletes to follow both on the water and on land. 

B-CC Crew Questions and Answers for Families

Parents of Novice Rowers may appreciate reading B-CC Crew Questions and Answers for Families.  And for all families, reviewing this is a great way to get started for the season.

Financial Assistance Form

Need-based financial assistance is available. Apply by downloading this Financial Assistance Form prior to completing your online registration, and send to Lucy Pope at

B-CC Crew Ombudsman  

The Ombudsman is available to all stakeholders resource to resolve questions and concerns among the membership, athletes, coaches, and Board of Directors. The ombudsman is not a current parent but will have knowledge of team process. For 2020-21, please feel free to reach out Marilyn Emery, B-CC Crew Boosters President (2014-17), at  

Refund Policy

The B-CC Crew Boosters refund policy for all athletes for all seasons is as follows:  The registration fee is refundable if the team administrator is notified in writing (electronically is acceptable) prior to the FIRST DAY of practice.  A small processing fee will be charged ($15-fall/winter, $25-spring).  If an athlete decides not to participate within the first week of practice, a 75% refund will be given if (i) the athlete notifies the coach of their withdrawal prior to the end of the first week; and (ii) a request is made to the team administrator for a refund no later than the end of the first week.  An athlete who elects to leave the program after the first week will not be eligible for a refund.

Exception to the Policy — An athlete who is injured and not able to complete the season shall receive a pro-rated refund of fees after a written request to the team administrator accompanied by a doctor's note.

Nutritional Tips & Guidance 

True Sport Nutrition Guide for Athletes

This publication provides general guidelines to help optimize dietary intake for sports competitors.


ROWING 411 and FAQ's