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Parent Involvement is Essential 

It really does take a village!


B-CC Crew is run by B-CC Crew Boosters, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization of dedicated parent volunteers. Each season, parents of all team athletes play an essential role in helping to maintain the successful program that was built by other parents and families over the last three decades.   


Every season, as a parent of a B-CC Crew athlete, there is an expectation that you will:

  • acknowledge the B-CC Crew Safety Guide;

  • pitch-in at weekend racing competitions to ensure that they run smoothly and safely;

  • join in a carpool to and from Thompson Boat Center;

  • volunteer to staff or contribute to Friday Night Team Dinners;

  • bring snacks and water to the regattas;

  • assist in maintaining supplies and equipment for the chuckwagon

  • participate in and support team fundraisers.


When we host a regatta or when asked by others hosting schools to help out, parents will be needed to

  • drive launch boats for race judges;

  • serve as stake boat holders at the start line;

  • staff the finish line;

  • staff the parking area and direct trailer traffic as needed;

  • act as finish line attendants as needed;

  • much, much, more!

Volunteer roles we need filled include:

  • TENT JOBS - The B-CC Crew tent is the central area for water and food for the athletes before and after races and a great place for parents to grab a cup of coffee and a snack. Volunteering for a tent job is a great way for you to meet fellow parents and get to know the athletes on the team.

  • ORGANIZE EVENTS - Events such as wreath sales, raffle, and team dinners all need someone to lead the way!  You will have plenty of help from the great team of parents and you will be able to use your creativity to make a difference in significant fundraising. Read more on our fundraising page.

  • BRING FOOD - Athletes need a lot of fuel (and parents enjoy a good continental breakfast at the regattas!). Add to the festivities by volunteering to bring some food to a regatta or a team dinner.

For more information on opportunities to contribute, stay tuned to the B-CC Crew list serve or contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

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