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Our coaches work very hard to teach and support the athletes in all aspects of the sport of rowing. While our regular budget covers the basic equipment needed, there is always equipment that the team either needs due to shortages or is in need of replacement in the near future and items the coaches purchase on their own without club funds.

Please consider making a donation towards an item on our Coaches' Wish List. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.  


Use the Paypal button below to easily make a donation using your credit card or checking account.  


Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rowing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. 


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(4) Blue Ocean Megaphone Series

Used by the coaches during practice in the motor boats to communicate with the rowers.

$395 each

(2) Span Gauge

The Self-Centering Span Gauge was developed to speed up the process of accurately measuring spans on most types of boats.

$180 each

(6) Stroke Watches

Used by coaches to determine the rate of the strokes.

$150 each

(4) Mooring Anchors (35lb)

The Dor-Mor pyramid mooring anchor rapidly penetrates the bottom due to the high-point loading of its compact size and shape. The large surface area of the pyramid shape has a high suction effect which increases the deeper the anchor sets.

$155 each

(12) B-CC Crew Embroidered 12ft Boat Straps

Used to strap the boats to the trailer.  Every team at TBC uses the same straps. Branding BCC crew on them reduces strap shrinkage via theft and usage by other clubs rowing out of TBC.

$50 for a set of 4

Home Depot Gift Cards

Whether it's replacing 10m wrenches or buying sponges to wash the boats, a Home Depot gift card in any amount is a great contribution.

$25 Suggested Amount; Any Amount Appreciated

(4) CoxBox Replacement/Spare Battery Pack

Replacement battery pack for coxbox megaphones.

$99 each

(2) CoxBox

The World's #1 Voice for Coxed Boats −
Get loud and clear audio amplification and instant performance feedback from your crew.

$509 each

Concept2 Rowing Ergometer

With an increase in athlete numbers as well as annual equipment wear and tear on our current ergs, the team needs to add a new erg each year.


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