Head of the Schuylkill Success


For the first time since 2010, the varsity team returned to the Head of the Schuylkill yesterday in Philadelphia, and it was a great day. With thousands of rowers on a very cold, gray afternoon, our boys and girls started at the way back of their events because we did not have a current performance record at this race. They started there and rowed faster than many, many boats to place in the top 12 in every race.


to the 1-V boys, placing 6th of 69 -- and beating Gonzaga and TBC.

to the 1-V girls, placing 12th of 54 -- beating TBC and closing the gap on a very fast Whitman team this year.

to the 2-V boys, placing 9th of 71 -- beating TBC and less than one second off of a close Gonzaga competitor.

to the 2-V girls, placing 11th of 56 --also beating TBC and in the top grouping with Whitman and other fast programs like Montclair.

This is after only being on the water for four weeks. Looking forward to a great year ahead.

Thank you as always to the coaches who spent this entire past weekend with prep and travel, and to all the parents in Philly and at home who supported the athletes.

— Jodie May (President, B-CC Crew)