B-CC Crew Claims Victories at WMIRA and Stotesbury

The last two weeks have been nothing short of amazing for Bethesda-Chevy Chase’s Crew team.

On May 12th the team participated in the Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Rowing Association (WMIRA) championship. This year the B-CC Crew boys' team rowed on to a historic finish. All season long they put in their blood, sweat and tears and on May 12th they saw the results of that hard work with a 1st place sweep of the boys' first varsity (1v), second varsity (2v), third varsity (3v), freshman 8+'s and novice 8+ races as well as a 3rd place finish for the fourth varsity (4v) in the 3v finals all leading to the boys' WMIRA 8+ points cup win for the Men's team. The girls’ team also left it all on the water in a series of hard fought races at WMIRA which resulted in a 1st place win for the girl's second varsity (2v), a 2nd place win for the freshman 8+, a 3rd place win for the first varsity (1v) and a 4th place finish for the third varsity (3v) in the 2v finals.

This past weekend 5,679 athletes from 191 high schools across the US and Canada descended on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia for the 91st Annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta. Competition at the world’s oldest and largest high school regatta was stiffer than ever but B-CC Crew was ready for the challenge, coming off strong performances at Maryland State and WMIRA Championships. B-CC Crew advanced all eight of its boats out of the time trials on Friday and into the semifinals. Five boats went through to the finals on Saturday afternoon. The scorching heat on Friday gave way to cool temperatures and light winds on Saturday, making for nearly perfect conditions on the Schuylkill River for the afternoon finals. At the end of the day, B-CC Crew walked away with the great results in their finals and a first ever gold medal and the Robert W. Suter Trophy for the boys Freshman 8. In addition to the Freshman 8 win, the team saw other great results with the Boys Junior 8, the Girls 2nd 8 and the Girls Senior 8 finishing in 5th place in their events and the Boys Senior 8 placing 6th in race that is showcase event of scholastic rowing.

For a complete list of boats and their athletes please click here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByyHhFCIGgJXVmIzV3NaMUJONFk

Congratulations to all of the Barons on their hard work and success. Click here for complete results of the past two regattas:

WMIRA (http://www.row2k.com/results/resultspage.cfm?UID=50FCCEDB39F50C6D2340CF78DD61F036&cat=6) STOTESBURY CUP (https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results2/?job_id=5077&org_id=0)

Good luck to the Varsity Boys and Girls First and Second Boats who will be traveling this weekend to the SRAA National Championship Regatta on the Cooper River in New Jersey for their season finale!